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Debate continues about many aspects of the poet’s life but it is undeniable that Robert Burns was a particularly assiduous observer of womankind. In this piece he muses on the fickleness of women’s minds. The following verses are an extract from the song. “For a' that, an' a' that, And twice as meikle's a' that, The bonie lass that I loe best, She'll be my ain for a' that! Tho' women's minds like winter winds May shift, and turn, an' a' that, The noblest breast adores them maist - A consequence, I draw that. But there is ane aboon the lave, Has wit, and sense, and a' that; A bonie lass, I like her best, And wha a crime dare ca' that? Their tricks an' craft hae put me daft, They've taen me in an' a' that, But clear your decks, and here's: - 'The Sex?' I like the jads for a' that!“


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