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Written by Robert Burns in 1792, or at least substantially revised by him. Coal mining was already well-established in Ayrshire during his lifetime.

" O whare live ye, my bonie lass? And tell me what they ca' ye;"

"My name," she says, "is mistress Jean, And I follow the Collier laddie."

"O see you not yon hills and dales The sun shines on sae brawlie;

They a' are mine, and they shall be thine, Gin ye'll leave your Collier laddie.

"An’ ye shall gang in gay attire, Weel buskit up sae gaudy;

And ane to wait on every hand, Gin ye'll leave your Collier laddie."

"Tho' ye had a' the sun shines on, And the earth conceals sae lowly,

I wad turn my back on you and it a', And embrace my Collier laddie.

"I can win my five pennies in a day, An' spen't at night fu' brawlie:

And make my bed in the collier's neuk, And lie down wi' my Collier laddie.

"Love for love is the bargain for me, Tho' the wee cot-house should haud me;

and the warld before me to win my bread, And fair fa' my Collier laddie!"

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