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The tune to this song was composed by Lady Elizabeth Heron, a daughter of the Earl of Dundonald. Robert Burns was greatly taken with the air. He sent it in 1794 to the music collector, George Thomson; “Cree is a beautiful romantic stream; and as her Ladyship is a particular friend of mine, I have written the following song to it”.

Here is the glen, and here the bower

All underneath the birchen shade;

The village-bell has told the hour,

O what can stay my lovely maid?

'Tis not Maria's whispering call;

'Tis but the balmy breathing gale,

Mixt with some warbler's dying fall,

The dewy star of eve to hail.

It is Maria's voice I hear;

So calls the woodlark in the grove,

His little, faithful mate to cheer;

At once 'tis music and 'tis love.

And art thou come! and art thou true!

O welcome dear to love and me!

And let us all our vows renew,

Along the flowery banks of Cree.

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