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As we approach the birthday of Robert Burns, I thought I’d like to delve into my back catalogue and come up with a favourite. I have no doubt that a thousand singers will perform this at Burns Suppers around the world in coming days. The words reflect the long-standing love of an elderly couple who have grown old together. A classic by Burns.

John Anderson, my jo, John, When we were first acquent; Your locks were like the raven, Your bonie brow was brent; But now your brow is beld, John, Your locks are like the snaw; But blessings on your frosty pow, John Anderson, my jo. John Anderson, my jo, John, We clamb the hill thegither; And mony a cantie day, John, We've had wi' ane anither: Now we maun totter down, John, And hand in hand we'll go, And sleep thegither at the foot, John Anderson, my jo.

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