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The beginning of May has been marked in Scotland with a lovely spell of dry and sunny weather. On the subject of this particular month, Robert Burns sent the following English reworking of an old Scottish ballad to the collector George Thomson in 1794.

“It was the charming month of May, When all the flow'rs were fresh and gay. One morning, by the break of day, The youthful, charming Chloe- From peaceful slumber she arose, Girt on her mantle and her hose, And o'er the flow'ry mead she goes- The youthful, charming Chloe. Chorus.- “Lovely was she by the dawn, Youthful Chloe, charming Chloe, Tripping o'er the pearly lawn, The youthful, charming Chloe. “The feather'd people you might see, Perch'd all around on every tree, In notes of sweetest melody They hail the charming Chloe; Till, painting gay the eastern skies, The glorious sun began to rise, Outrival'd by the radiant eyes Of youthful, charming Chloe. “

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