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We are once more firmly in the wedding season, with the recent Royal nuptials and the roads awash with be-decked wedding cars every Saturday. So I thought I’d look at something appropriate for this week. For me, this beautiful poem by Robert Burns really captures the mood and the sentiment.

“Come, let me take thee to my breast,

And pledge we ne'er shall sunder;

And I shall spurn as vilest dust

The world's wealth and grandeur:

And do I hear my Jeanie own

That equal transports move her?

I ask for dearest life alone,

That I may live to love her.

Thus, in my arms, wi' a' her charms,

I clasp my countless treasure;

I'll seek nae mair o' Heav'n to share,

Than sic a moment's pleasure:

And by thy e'en sae bonie blue,

I swear I'm thine for ever!

And on thy lips I seal my vow,

And break it shall I never.”

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