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It is said that this song was transcribed by Robert Burns after hearing the tale sung by an old lady in Lauderdale.

“What will I do gin my Hoggie die? My joy, my pride, my Hoggie!

My only beast, I had nae mae, And vow but I was vogie!

The lee-lang night we watch'd the fauld, Me and my faithfu' doggie;

We heard nocht but the roaring linn, Amang the braes sae scroggie.

But the houlet cry'd frau the castle wa', The blitter frae the boggie;

The tod reply'd upon the hill, I trembled for my Hoggie.

When day did daw, and cocks did craw, The morning it was foggie;

An unco tyke, lap o'er the dyke, And maist has kill'd my Hoggie!”

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